About Us

What are the benefits of considering a preferred, pre-owned piano from Piano Warehouse of Indianapolis? Piano Warehouse of Indianapolis offers better quality used pianos that will provide reliable performance and musical enjoyment.

When you purchase a used piano, you want the confidence that your investment is protected by the professional staff at Piano Warehouse of Indianapolis. We carefully select the instruments we offer for sale.

Each instrument is thoroughly inspected and serviced prior to offering it for sale. Each instrument has had the key-action, hammers, pin block, soundboard, bridges, and pedal trap-work inspected, serviced and adjusted for optimal musical performance. Each piano has had the interior and exterior cabinetry cleaned, touched up and rubbed-out, and the decorative brass has been polished. And each instrument is brought to pitch and tuned prior to delivery, and then tuned once again following delivery to you.

Each piano is warranted for one year to further ensure your satisfaction.
To put it more simply, we offer quality, well-serviced used pianos at affordable pricing.